Ep. 10: Hilde’s ‘Shattered’ Quilt

Who did you make this quilt for?
One for me and one for my friends.

When did you start and how long did it take for you to finish it?
It took me about a year, because I found various imperfections which I had to correct.

What do you like best about this quilt?
the colors

Which fabrics did you use?
various batik fabrics

Since when are you into Patchwork and Quilting and what got you into it?
I am passionate about patchwork since about 5 years. The beautiful fabrics and colorful combinations inspire me again and again.

Which experience during your time as a quilter moved you the most?
I had to discover my limits.

Any tips you want to give to beginners?
Precision and undo, undo, undo, when you’re not 100% satisfied.

Make your own shattered quilt!
Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 10.46.43.png
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